Megaphotons, from the Psychology of Longevity, to you.
Megaphotons, also from the Psychology of Longevity, to you.
More importantly, the megaphotons in this amazing photo are for you.
Anything that tests weak is certain to test strong just from being near.
Thousands of beneficial frequencies are embedded in this best-ever photo.
Everything great in life comes with a catch. The catch here is "tempoarary."
It appears that being near the megaphotons transfers many energies to you.
"Many" is used advisedly because of the indisputable, proven power.
The smarter you are, the more educated, the more surprised.
This is not an occasional prediction: EVERY time.
Learn for yourself the power of megaphotons.
With love from the Psychology of Longevity,
and your ever-lovin' MisterShortcut.
Speak less, and do more.